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Photographs first captured my imagination when I was a child daydreaming over sepia and black & white images of family long gone. Now photography is my tool for storytelling and capturing the beauty of my family (and yours!) I will use my creativity and skill to celebrate your family through photography.

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A New Day..

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

That’s it…I’m tired of hesitating to post here because it may not have any thing to do with my photography.  I am a celebrator of life, I am a dreamer, I am a storyteller and sometimes I just need to write and it may not be about the most photogenic moment of my life.  Life can be dirty and gritty sometimes and every second of my life is not about business, but it all contributes to my work as a photographer and living each moment fully does help me to open up to be the best photographer I can be…one who successfully captures beauty in extraordinary moments as well as the mundane.

Getting my writing mojo again…time to start speaking and yes, photographs will be testimony to my words but I will no longer overanalyze this blog.  It is both my photography blog AND my life blog and life is about living and storytelling which I hope to share here :)

dara may 2012

Dara, May 2012.

Baby Love & Busy Times

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

My days are busy with a baby girl on the verge of crawling(already propelling herself across the room by flipping or scooting) and my 4-year old son who has an insatiable desire for pretend play, painting, and books.  Photography is a part of my busy days–whether at home in the role of a “Photog-Mama” trying to preserve precious family moments or away  photographing other families’ special moments.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test a Once A Month Menu plan, which promised to help speed up meal preparation around here(I tested the gluten-free/dairy-free menu but there are many other options available).  I felt crazy shopping for so much food when I took the menu’s list to the grocery store but kept telling  myself I was shopping for a month’s worth of meals.  One rainy Saturday, Alan helped me to assemble some of the meals.  We couldn’t get it all done in one day because of having to tend to our little ones.  Having frozen meals (or the starts of meals) has made the last few weeks less stressful so far so I definitely will try Once-A-Month cooking again.

Did I mention that our adoption of our baby girl was finalized in April?  So relieved to be done with the adoption process.  Loving watching her as she grows & learns.  She’s 8 months (by the calendar) and 5 months adjusted age.  dara happy on table_may 30_2011_WITH 1 WATERMARK FOR BLOG & FACEBOOK copy She weighs over 15 lbs now and is replete with sweet baby pudge.  So wonderful to see a healthy little baby after having met her when she weighed less than 3 lbs!

Warm weather is here and I’ve still got some room in my schedule for portrait sessions on-location.  Wanna meet me at a park  or somewhere special to your family?  I’ll bring my camera and creative eye…together we’ll celebrate your family in portraits you will treasure for years to come.


Son Born of my Heart

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Today was a hard day because we took Colin to get tested for allergies.  Any time he steps into a doctor’s office we have learned that there is a possibility that it will remind him of his time in Russia.  We don’t know why…He says that today he thought about being lonely in Russia…but that he is in a family now.  We gently remind him that he has been in our family longer than he was in the orphanage.  At one point tonight, he told us that he wanted to go to Russia and get a baby….We couldn’t promise him that we will ever be able to return to adopt another child from Russia.    Honestly, we don’t know that we could be away for a month from Colin and now his baby sister.  We told Colin that we may not be able to return to Russia to adopt again….and tell him that there are other ways we can help the children in Russian orphanages…by praying…by giving…and we are reminded that we should continue to cultivate Colin’s sensitivity for others in need…So proud of our sweet Colin and so blessed to be his parents!  God replaced my sadness over our infertility with the joy of being Colin’s mama back in 2008 and every time I look in his big eyes, my breath is taken away at how our hearts have been knit together as a family.

IMG_0448 IMG_0325

October Sunshine Flashback: Family Photographer, New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Yes, I’m very behind with blog postings since having to live out of state during the months our daughter was in the NICU…and since coming home to Christmastime and transitioning to being a family of 4.  But I’m hoping to get back my blogging groove soon :)

These photos are some of my favorites from a photo shoot the weekend we first learned of our baby girl.  The Newhall family was a beautiful family to photograph on a sunny October day and they were troopers.  They traveled to 2 different sites for portraits, ending with some playful photos at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Smiles + sunshine made this portrait session fly by for me!



Peek at Newborn Session of Baby Eli: Newborn Photographer, Lexington, KY

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I couldn’t resist posting one of the photos from yesterday’s afternoon with one of my best friends from high school, Tria, and her family, which includes newborn, Eli…So so sweet and cozy in this photo…More to come later this week!

The Littlest Cowboy: Children and Family Photographer, Spring Hill, TN & Lanesville, IN

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

When we visited my family in Tennessee back in July, we stopped by the farm where my brother and sister-in-law live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Colin enjoyed every minute of his visit despite the awful heat of that summer’s day!  His Uncle Clint and Aunt Calli are very good with horses.  They can ride them, rope them, show them, judge them, train them…when it comes to horses, they are experts. They found the smallest cowboy hat they could find for Colin and he’s been very proud to wear it ever since. Here are photos from our hot afternoon on the farm!





Pre-Book Fall Portrait Mini-Sessions & Help Us with a Matching Grant for Our Adoption

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Morning in the Park: Family Photographer, New Albany, IN

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting the Wehneman family last Saturday morning in a local park with lots of trees to offer us shade from the sunny humid day.¬† The family of five included three little girls aged 6, 5, and 2.¬† The little girls were good sports despite the humidity and the cold that the littlest one was battling.¬† I loved their beautiful eyes and the way the summer sun has naturally highlighted their hair.¬†¬† The parents were excited to have their first portrait as a family in over two years.¬† Here’s a small peak at their family portrait session!¬† Enjoy!

2 sisters for blog f

middle sister for blog_W familye

Wehenemann family color calibrated

Summertime Fun: Columbus, IN Children’s Photographer

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

More hours of sunshine every day=more playful photo opportunities outside!¬† We passed through Columbus, Indiana last weekend and enjoyed some of the beautiful public parks/art spaces they have.¬†¬† If you have never visited Columbus, check out to learn more about this beautiful city and some of the things your family can do.¬† It makes for a great day trip from Louisville, KY or Indianapolis, IN.¬† We enjoyed lunch and ice cream at Zaharakos, a restored ice cream parlor that has been serving yummy treats since 1900. The ice cream parlor had gorgeous woodwork in it and a restored orchestrion which they actually played once during our lunch. Columbus has a children’s museum which we hope to return to and more parks that we didn’t get to explore so I predict more family adventures there in the near future!

Colin and Hat_Silver Preset

Sweet Inspiration

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

In 2007, we learned were diagnosed with infertility.  We have learned that infertility does not have to be a death sentence but, instead, can be a gift.  Since we chose to adopt, I have met many women who were on their journey to becoming mothers through the miracle of adoption.  Some of them brought their children home before we did and ended up inspiring me and supporting me during the wait for our son to come home from Russia.  Now that our son has been home since December 2008, I have had the privilege of talking with women in different stages of the adoption process.  I’ve been able to pray for them, grieve with them, and encourage them that the wait, as agonizing as it can feel at times, is worth it.  Since we became first-time parents to our son (no infant stage to ease us into parenting!  We hit the ground running…literally!), I have blogged about the joys, the heartaches, and the challenges of adoptive parenting.  I hope that my adoption blog and my conversations with adoptive mothers have inspired them that they too can make it through the difficulties of the adoption process and that the obstacles between us and adopting our IMG_3192_blog children can be overcome.  There’s always room for miracles and our adoption story shows that!   I hope that I can continue to show my blog readers and friends that they can succeed as mothers….that every one has bad days and that adoptive parenting is not intended to be a solitary journey.  We must seek out help sometimes–whether it be therapists or support groups or friends or our faith–and that there is no shame in doing so.  When others see our son and how he is thriving in our home, may they be inspired to consider welcoming a child into their family through adoption.  That would be the sweetest inspiration I could ever hope to give!

If I am chosen to attend Amy Wenzel’s workshop I will be able to fine-tune my skill in photography so that I can celebrate families (including our own) through creative portraits.  I’d love to learn from Amy how she is able to imbue her photos with movement and personality that captures the joyfulness of living!  We are embarking on our next adoption so money is tight right now; the scholarship to Amy’s workshop would encourage me to keep at my dream of growing a photography business while continuing on our adoption journey to our daughter.

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